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Add blog to existing website

The trend of adding blog to existing website is growing day by day. This is because of the extra-ordinary benefits, a blog provides.
Following are the benefits of you decide to add a blog to your existing website.

1.) Creating a blog to your existing website helps you to keep updated with the product or the service you are providing to the customers / clients.

2.) The blogs are SEO friendly, and it also helps in Search Engine Optimization.

3.) There are many additional benefits and service you can provide to the customer by a blog, you can tell them anything new which has launched, you can talk about your product in general, and much.

The Major problems faced is the website owner’s do not want to use a blog with any template, they like blogs with that of same website. That means if you have an html website, you just need a blog much or exactly similar to your existing html site, you would like to use it. Using a blog with another template not only gives a different look, but also does not offers a uniform solution and moreover user can understand that you have just used another free template for blogging.

There is a solution to this, now if you have any website, and you want to make a blog exactly like your website, we can help you. We can add blog to existing website, in such a way that you get a WordPress blog,with the look and feel of your existing website.

This service of adding blog to existing website, is really very affordable, and very quick.
You can ask for a quick quote by visiting Convert HTML to WordPress at

You can also ask for a free quote at [email protected]

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