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Convert Website to WordPress

Convert your website to WordPress is possible now!

Do you have a website in php,, ruby on rails, or any other technology?

Do you wish to see you existing website in WordPress, exactly with the same design, font and everything as it is?

Badly need a blog to communicate with the users, and want your blog to have exactly like your website.

Well, there’s a good News! now with our expert services, you can actually convert any website to WordPress, and still make the website look exactly as before, and can use the power of WordPress Blogging.

Be your website on any technology, such as asp, php, Ruby on Rails, or any Content Management System like joomla, Typo3, ..etc,  you just need to provide us the link, and relax, yes you have read it right, just a link, and we would tell you when it would be done, normally it takes 2 days – 8 days to get the work done.

You can feel free to ask a quote at [email protected]

Remember, Converting website to WordPress, helps you to update your website quickly, able to add a blog quickly, and also gives you a powerful access to the WordPress Backend, where you can just use free plugins for almost every new functionality you need.

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