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Migrate to WordPress

Ever thought to move from your old html website to WordPress theme? Not quite sure if you should do it or not? Let me put infront of you, why you should decide to migrate your html website to WordPress theme. Converting html to wordpress has 100’s of advantages.

  1. Usability  : Using WordPress is quite easy to learn, fast to work on. It’s as similar as  editing a Word document. You will be actually amazed how easy was it to add a page, or write a blog, as compared to the traditional version of adding pages and working on html codes.
  2. Save Money: Once we convert your HTML site to WordPress, you’ll start saving on lot of money and time. Now you don’t have to pay freelancers / web firms to update the content on your website or  you won’t waste time digging through HTML code.
  3. Blog : Unlike HTML sites, editing, maintaining a blog is really easy with WordPress, after all WordPress was designed mainly for blogs. With 2 clicks you can add and publish blogs.
  4. Save Time : Now, you don’t have to wait for days for your developer / designer to make those simple changes, the content on your Web site and be altered immediately by you, thereby giving your Web site visitors the most timely and current details possible.
  5. SEO Optimized: While writing codes for WordPress conversion ,we make sure that we Optimize your website for SEO. This helps your website get easily indexed as soon as you publish a page on your website.
  6. Social Networking Friendly – Automatically integrate your blog posts with social media like Twitter, facebook, Linkedin instead of having to go to each one, login, and make a post that you’ve just added something new to your website.
  7. Great Free Plugins: WordPress offers thousands of great free plugins that can be added to a WordPress site.

Now, whats more, We assure you of 100% similar conversion, that means no one can identify if you really moved to WordPress.

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